Projects of the Fraunhofer EIT Health Consortium

Reference Projects

You find a selection of reference projects performed besides or within the EIT Health KIC



A mobile textile-based multichannel ECG helps to prevent heart disease by detecting changes in the cardiovascular system at an early stage.


Multimodal AR-assisted ENT-Surgery

The project MultiARC is engaged with developing an interactive and multimodal-based augmented
reality system for computer-assisted surgery in the context of ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment.




eHealth Innovations for Improved Quality of Life with Multimorbidity.

The project's aim is to develop a holistic service approach that can be networked between medical, social and nursing services of a particular region and used throughout Germany.



The European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) is a centralised, not-for-profit iPSC bank providing researchers across academia and industry with access to scalable, cost-efficient and consistent, high quality tools for new medicines development.


The PICASO Project

Development of an ICT platform to support coordination of care plans for people diagnosed with co-occurring chronic diseases from hospitals and outpatient clinic to the home.

Enables the sharing of a patient's complete care pathways with tools to establish health status, predict risks and adjust care.


NGS-based Diagnostics of Sepsis Pathogens

Sepsis is caused by infections of the bloodstream and responsible for about 60,000 deaths per year in Germany. In order to quickly and reliably diagnose the pathogens that cause the disease, we are working with leading hospitals in Germany to develop and evaluate a diagnostic method based on high-throughput sequencing (NGS) of circulating nucleic acids in plasma.




»ACTIVAGE« the EU’s largest IoT pilot project for senior-friendly living environments. For the German cluster, Fraunhofer IGD developed the assistance system “uLive” – a platform for assisted control of nursing facilities and private residences. It allows the combination of any device and sensor from any manufacturer and uses the connected sensors to detect various predefined situations and trigger set custom actions.


Biomaterial Testing 2.0 – Standardized, Resource-efficient: ClicKit-Well

Developing highly biocompatible implants, surgical instruments and consumables requires knowledge of the interactions between biomolecules, cells and artificial materials. The Biological Materials Analysis workgroup of Fraunhofer IKTS develops in this project standardized In-vitro test methods for the biological evaluation of materials.

Examples of Projects performed with EIT Health Funding

Education of Future Skills for Digital Transformation

AI-Powered Health Monitoring for Clinical Research & Cardiology

Patient Empowerment for Major Surgery Preparation at Home

Telepresence for Surgical Assistance and Training using Augmented Reality

Minimally invasive Implant for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

A novel DHP enables Healthcare Technologies for Gait and Falls in Parkinson’s disease

Ready-to-use Toxicity Screening based on iPS-Technologies

Piezoelectric MEMS Transducer for a new Type of Hearing Aid